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About H5G

H5G is a sports apparel company specializing in dye sublimated apparel where the demand for performance moisture-wicking clothing is essential. Best known for our customizable, innovative designs and unique fabric, is all about achieving performance without sacrificing style. H5G Bowling was able fill a void in bowling that has long been ignored – cool bowling clothes. Our line of clothes for bowling brings vibrant colors and designs inspired by fashion, sports, music and art. While our H5G Golf blends style, function, performance and innovation. This same conviction to style and performance holds true regardless of which line of apparel you choose. Best of all H5G is dedicated to the sports team. We specialize in small runs and when we say small we mean as low as 1. To our High School, College, and other teams our promise is simple, we’ll create a unique shirt for your team that no one in country will have. Once your design is completed by one of our creative design artist that design is put away and only your team can ever order it. That means when you go to a tournament you’re guaranteed that no one else will have your design. It also means that when a few people move on from your team you don’t have order all new shirts – you can just order what you need. This means in the long run your team saves money.

Our apparel is an extension of you. Bold. Creative. Original. Distinctive apparel whose only limitation is your imagination. So next time you’re playing your sport, ask yourself, “Is my gear representing my passion, my creativity, my imagination?”

H5G. Your Game. Your Gear.